In an era when chefs and diners alike are phenomenally conscious about recycling, food waste, and the environmental impact of each meal, there remains one delivery staple that just can’t be recycled: the pizza box.

The Atlantic‘s CityLab has tackled the reason behind the classic box’s eco-unfriendly status, which is due in large part to the grease and oil collected its porous paper exterior. “Paper is particularly susceptible to food and beverage contamination,” CityLab finds. “Even if you remove the crusty cheese and sauce the slices leave behind, grease will have already soaked into the cardboard, ruining it for recycling.”

While some companies are attempting to build a pizza box that’s green enough to be recycled or experimenting with pizza in a bag, other people are getting seriously crafty with the leftover boxes. Here, we list five ways to let your pizza box have a second act and make Mother Earth (a little) happier.

Pizza Box Solar S’mores Oven


If you’re looking for a simple (sunny) way to add dessert to your pizza dinner, turn your pizza box into a makeshift solar oven. (Photo via Logic Goat)

Pizza Box Laptop Stand

pizzaboxlaptopForget standing desks, this pizza box laptop stand is the way of the future. (Photo via Behance)

Pizza Box Bird’s Nest

pizzabirdnestEven city dwellers can bring a little bit of nature to their fire escape with this simple (twig-and-moss-based) bird’s nest pizza box. (Photo via Our Big Earth)

Pizza Box Living Room Furniture

living room pizzaFor those looking to add a little bit of pepperoni-style flair to their home decor, consider saving up your boxes to cobble together your very own pizza table, chairs, and couch(Photo via YouTube)

Pizza Box Table Soccer Game

pizzasoccerThere’s probably not room for a pinball machine or air hockey table in your apartment, so make this space-friendly game instead. (Photo via Crafty Mama)