Pizza delivery’s had an eventful past few days. On Sunday, a man was stabbed and carjacked while bringing a pie to a Louisville, Ky., hospital; however, he still managed to deliver before being rushed to another hospital for medical help. Now, a Tampa Bay-area Pizza Hut has played the role of hero after it helped save a woman and her three children from being held hostage.

According news reports, Cheryl Treadway used Pizza Hut’s online ordering system on Tuesday to escape an allegedly threatening boyfriend. Treadway, a regular customer at an Avon Park, Fla., Pizza Hut, included a worrying message on her receipt. Employees noticed that this was out of the ordinary for Treadway. Local TV station WTSP details what happened next:

[pullquote]Manager Candy Hamilton printed the order.

“It said ‘Please help! Get 911 to me.’ And she placed a pizza order and then down here it said, ‘911 hostage help,” said Hamilton.


When [Chef Alonia] Hawk saw it, she knew something was very wrong.

“I was kinda scared. I was scared for the person,” said Hawk.

Hamilton recognized the victim’s name and address as a frequent customer.

“We immediately called 911,” said Hamilton.[/pullquote]

Highland County Sheriffs Office Lieutenant Curtis Ludden responded to the call and was the first at Treadway’s home. Treadway then came out of the house with one child, before deputies helped free the other two kids. Apparently, Treadway had been arguing with her 26-year-old boyfriend (and the father of two of the children) Ethan Nickerson all day. Nickerson, who was allegedly high on meth, took Treadway’s phone earlier in the day before permitting her to use it again to place the order (he then subsequently took it back).

Nickerson, who was armed with a knife when deputies first approached, eventually relinquished peacefully. Officers eventually arrested and charged him with “aggravated assault with a weapon without intent to kill, battery, false imprisonment, and obstructing justice by depriving communication to law enforcement,” according to WTSP.

[Via WTSP]