Both pre-game and post-game, there are all sorts of incredibly strange food rituals and superstitions in baseball.

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Derek Holland would gorge on fast food the night before a start, with a typical meal at Taco Bell including: “Four cheesy gordita crunches with cool ranch taco shells, a spicy volcano burrito, a chicken quesadilla, and to finish it all off, a caramel apple empanada.”

Legendary third baseman Wade Boggs became known as the “Chicken Man” because he would eat some type of chicken dish before every game, eventually publishing a book in 1984 entitled, Fowl Tips: My Favorite Chicken Recipes.


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Now, the Washington Nationals have a strange post-game ritual all their own: spraying chocolate sauce.

The new tradition is the brainchild of Max Scherzer, who kicked off the practice last month when Dan Uggla hit a game-winning, walk off homerun in the ninth inning and clinched a victory for the team.

“It’s just something to top off a good win,” Scherzer told ESPN. “Chocolate sauce is the perfect topping for ice cream, so might as well top off a game and give that person in the on-the-field camera interview a little something to taste.”

In order to keep the tradition going, Hershey’s sent the team 108 bottlesroughly 200 poundsof chocolate sauce this week.

While the chocolate shower was originally just intended for other walk off homer victories, it’s expanded to practically anything good that ensures a win. Some of Scherzer’s teammates want to take his concept to the next level eventually by (you guessed it) turning him into a sundae.

“We might have to throw some nuts on him: some whipped cream, cherry, everything,” said center fielder Denard Span.

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