Yesterday, we introduced you to the pizza-topped pizza that shook the world. As soon as we snapped out of our slack-jawed stupor, we decided we needed to find the mastermind behind this so-dumb-it’s-genius creation.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the trail led us back to the Greenpoint slice joint Vinnie’s Pizzeria, already well-known for creating Internet gold with its pun-filled menu boards. We got in touch with manager Dan Clayton, who pointed us towards Sean Berthiaume, who first created the inception slice a couple days ago as an Instagram joke (he made it by cutting up a small pie and arranging it on a large pie). Someone saw it in their feed and asked if he could try it.

“If you want it, we’ll make it for you,” says Clayton.

Here, Berthiaume gives us the lowdown on his viral ‘za sensation:

“I’ll have a slice pizza with slices of pizza please.” #HotPizzaOnPizzaAction #meta #pizza #vinnies

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The Pizza-Topped Pizza Q&A

Do you suggest eating the little slices first?

It’s totally up to the person. There are several ways to eat it. It’s open to interpretation. You could eat it whole, or pick them off, give the little ones to your kids or for dipping in ranch, buy another larger pizza and put it on that—whatever your heart desires.

Do you think this technique applies to other foods like burgers?

Pffft, c’mon—that’s just silly.

Do you feel proud to have invented the best munchie food ever?

I know my mom is proud that I’m benefitting from my college education. It’ll definitely go on my resume (pizzume?). Listen, there are lots of people out there creating amazing things in the amateur snack science field, like doughnut burritos, bacon cakes, and…uh….salads. Those are the true heroes.

I know my mom is proud that I’m benefitting from my college education.

What would Dom DeMarco at Di Fara’s think?

One could only hope that a pizza legend like Dom would look down on us, give us a slight nod, and say, “That’ll do, Vinnie’s, that’ll do”

What was your inspiration?

We’re always experimenting and trying to figure out something new. Our pizza is classic and delicious New York-style, so it’s hard to go wrong with that. It’s fun to tweak things sometimes and see what people think. I see inspiration all around, in the hearts and minds of the customers that frequent Vinnie’s everyday. Their eyes seem to say, “Pizza, I like it, I would like more of it.” That, and I was bored on my break.


Looks like things are getting really real over at Vinnie’s right now. Get over there, stat!