Nela Zisser is a 5-feet-7, 22-year-old model from New Zealand, but don’t let her slight frame fool you: she’s one of the country’s top competitive eaters and can put down a two-pound burrito in less than two minutes. Zisser recently filmed herself downing one for the Mad Mex Challenge, which is apparently a Cinco de Mayo-influenced eating contest at Australian Tex-Mex chain Mad Mex. Her technique seems to be nothing more than a straight inhale: She plunges the tortilla-supported concoction into her face until nothing remains but a pile of dropped ingredients—and she even ate those under the two-minute timeframe.

A couple of days later she went head-to-head with New Zealand’s other top competitive eater, Devo Dvious, for the championship. Zisser held her own against the considerably larger Dvious; however, she narrowly lost. Although, we do give her props for keeping the burrito together while she ate (Dvious spent a lot of time shoveling a pile of meat and beans into his mouth).


[via Grub Street]