The NBA Playoffs are nearing their conclusion, and one of the stars of the league’s second season has been Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Tristan Thompson. The Canadian big man’s averaged 9.8 rebounds and 8.9 blocks per game in the postseason, helping the (very injured) Cavs to the brink of the NBA Finals.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, who covers the Cavaliers for the worldwide leader in sports during the season, decided today was as good as any to drop a bunch of tidbits on Thompson that didn’t make his original Tristan profile earlier this month. While this article would only resonate with Cleveland sports fans and NBA diehards in most cases, one particular Thompson revelation makes this post noteworthy because, holy sh*t, is it one hell of a #HotTake.

“I hate leftovers,” Thompson said. “Even in my childhood, I never liked reheating up food. I’ve been getting better lately, but I just hate warming up food because I think when I open it up, it doesn’t look fresh no more. It looks kind of, like, shriveled up. You know when you come out of the shower and you’re pruney and stuff? I’m like ugh. I want it fresh. If it isn’t fresh, make me another dish. And I hate cold food. I hate cold cuts.”

Damn—that’s scorching. How could he not enjoy the reinvigorated taste of a slice of ‘za or a carton of beef and broccoli brought back to life the morning after its initial consumption? It’s borderline heresy. But McMenamin’s piece wasn’t done exposing Thompson’s unorthodox views on food just yet. It also notes that Tristan can’t stand seafood, a view which he shares with his mother, Andrea Brooks.

“I don’t like fish,” Brooks said. “Because the fish eat their poos. I don’t eat that stuff. Fish eat their own poo. So, I’m not eating fish.”

Below you’ll find several GIFs that summarize our reaction to this news.

Wee Bey


These are wild-reckless takes, Tristan. Better hope this doesn’t affect your contact situation this summer.

[ESPN, H/T Jacob Rosen]