If you live in Chicago and enjoy Taco Bell and booze, Eater Chicago has an interesting bit of news to spring on you: a proposed Wicker Park location has applied for a liquor license when it opens this summer. This is noteworthy because if the the city allows the Taco Bell to serve alcohol, it will become the first store in the chain’s storied history to be able to do so.

In other words: Customers will now be able to get blitzed while putting down a Crunchwrap Supreme.


Outside the location’s application, nothing else about the store’s upcoming booze-food plans has been revealed. Considering the neighborhood and competition, Taco Bell’s probably gunning to make this store more closely mirror Chipotle and Chicago taco purveyors Big Star than some ramshackle fast-food joint off the I-90/80 Tollway.

But among Mexican-food chains, Taco Bell’s adoption of booze-filled restaurants—even if this Chicago location’s the sole Corona slinger—comes somewhat late. Most of the major fast-casual Tex-Mex joints already sell booze at their locations, including the aforementioned Chipotle, Baja Fresh, and Qdoba, as this 2012 Slate article points out. However, it could provide a catalyst for the company, as Taco Bell seeks to overtake McDonald’s not just as the king in fast-food breakfast but also the top chain in general.

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