Let’s be honest: some of the food we eat on Memorial Day isn’t the most visually appealing. From baked beans to every edible item that utilizes the word “salad,” we ring in the summer with foods that look a step above dog food.

Here’s the thing, though: these plates, when downed collectively with juicy burgers, steaks, ribs, and other assorted grilled and/or barbecued foods, are delicious. Also, it’s hard to f*ck them up…unless you’re one of the following 12 people who somehow managed to taint your get-together’s spread with pure, unambiguous struggle. These plates are bad—the level at which they’re visually unappealing transcends any benefit one might receive from even tasting them.

Let’s revel in their inglorious appearance, and let them serve as a reminder about what not to serve at your next holiday cook-out.

Presenting the incorrect use of the term “lit”


Nah, son, nah.

Do not f*ck with deviled eggs

Deviled Eggs with candied bacon & jalapeño #glutenfree #memorialdaybbq #yummy #foodlove #foodporn #homecookin

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You either love or hate deviled eggs. They present no ambiguity. However, if you love them, we’re confident you don’t enjoy what looks like dog crap to top yours. 


Not everything should be wrapped in bacon

#baconwrapped #cornonthecob #memorialdaybbq A photo posted by ggwenz (@ggwenz) on

  Case in point


Salad, oftentimes, is a nebulous term

Bacon ranch potato salad. #yum #bacon #ranch #goodness #memorialdaybbq #foodporn

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Looks like a middle-school science diorama about the sea life hidden in coral reefs.

#MDW struggle also extends to furniture

Our bbq “table” #bbq #memorialdaybbq #mcgyver A photo posted by Frank D (@arggierex) on


#StrugglePlates can be negated by a good sense of humor

Shout out to Benita for admitting she f*cked up. Respect.  

When concocting mashup foods goes too far

#memorialdaybbq isn’t complete without a #pbj #donut #chocolatechipcookiecake. All three things. One cake. A photo posted by fattycakesny (@fattycakesny) on

Come for the burgers, cornhole, and revelry; stick around for the diabetes.

Guacamole absolutely should not look like this

#freshguac #whenbestiescook #sodamngood #mdwbbq

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Ew, gross.


#StrugglePlates come in many forms

Apparently dustin thinks I eat like a horse! #food #meat #memorialdaybbq A photo posted by Cheri Lopez (@sam.n.deansmomma) on

Food looks alright. The spread overcompensates for theme, though. Is that a grape leaf? With tortillas and steak? Consistency is key.

Leave paella to the pros

Don’t attempt other cultures’ cuisine unless you plan to come correct.


You can’t just wrap anything in a tortilla

#BBq #Toogood A photo posted by Gregorio Betancourt (@gregg_garciaa) on

Gregg, seriously, dude? This looks like sh*t. Stop half-*ssing your food game.


Perhaps it’s a joke, perhaps it isn’t. In any case, this photo is the epitome of summertime #struggleplates.