We’ve all spotted unbelievable “you had ONE job” moments in the wild. Now, ad agency BBDO has cleverly leveraged some great examples around NYC for the benefit of its client, Snickers.

AdWeek reports that the agency engaged in some guerrilla marketing by placing stickers around the city that say, “You make mistakes when you’re hungry.”

snickers 5

Most people seeing these stickers would think they’re hilarious, laugh, and keep going. But Animal New York talked to the MTA about the stickers because it was concerned that they might be illegal.

Sure enough, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz wrote, “Creative campaign, but it’s vandalism.”

However, AdWeek says that BBDO informed them that these stickers were only put up long enough to photograph. A spokesperson for the agency said,

“These were easy-to-peel-off stickers that were only up for a short period of time in order to capture the images included with real people in front of real mistakes. The branded stickers were taken down shortly after.”

Either way, the photos and memories will live forever. If you’re amused by the photos below, Snickers invites you to share tales (and photos) of your own #HungryMistakes on Twitter.

snickers 4 snickers 3 snickers 2 snickers 1

[via AdWeek]