If you’ve ever been to Shake Shack and wished you could get a chicken sandwich, your dreams are (most probably) about to come true. CNBC reports that Shake Shack subsidiary SSE IP just filed for a “Chicken Shack” trademark on April 20th.

chicken sandwich

A statement issued yesterday by Shake Shack simply said: “Shake Shack was born from a fine dining company, and we constantly test new menu items in our test kitchen. We have no new items to announce at this time, except for the new ParkBurger at New York’s Madison Square Park, which reopened today.” But that doesn’t meat Shake Shack doesn’t have chicken-sandwich plans for the future.

We can’t help but seeing this as yet another step in the inevitable ascendance of the chicken sandwich. Obviously, Chick-Fil-A has put every single egg it has in that particular fryer basket. Chains from Burger King to McDonald’s to White Castle all offer variants on a fried poultry sandwich theme.

night + market song fried chicken sandwich

Night + Market’s fried chicken sandwich (Photo: Yelp/Kirk Y.)

Higher-end restaurants are contributing to the world’s myriad chicken sandwich options as well. Just a couple months ago, David Chang announced plans for his own chicken sandwich concept, Fuku.

L.A. Weekly food reviewer Besha Rodell praised Night + Market Song’s formerly-off-menu fried chicken sandwich (made with house-made ranch dressing, perfectly fried chicken thighs, jalapeno, cilantro, and green papaya) as being “just about as perfect as drunk food gets.”

The continued rise of the chicken sandwich isn’t an especially huge surprise. As we’ve noted before, beef prices continue to rise while chicken prices continue to drop. Adding chicken items to menus isn’t just tasty—it’s good business.

It’s all delicious speculation at this point, but as any fan of chicken sandwiches knows, nothing matters until you put it in your mouth.

[via CNBC]