Struggle plates—a.k.a. sorry-looking heaps of shiny meat, limp vegetables, and beige carbs—are pervasive on Instagram.

Israel’s Carmel Winery doesn’t appreciate your struggle-plate Instas, so the winery has partnered with Tel Aviv restaurant Catit to “offer special Instagrammable meals and dishware.” The dinners, which cost $155 to attend, are offered through a company called Foodography.

No, this isn’t a joke mocking foodies. For the dinners, ceramicist Adi Nissani crafts plates specially designed to make your meals look good on Instagram.limbo

There’s even a stand for your phone built into the plate, so your food pic turns out crystal clear and in-focus. Another dish, called “The 360,” spins so you can take videos or find the perfect angle for your shot.


The dinners, which happen on special nights at Catit, include instructions from a food photographer, a five-course tasting menu, and the Instagram-friendly dinnerware.

Either you’re booking a flight to Israel right now, or deleting your Instagram account.

[via Buzzfeed]