Bourdain loves all of Miami, including the douchey parts like South Beach. He tells Anderson Cooper, “We all know sort of douchey Miami, and we love it. I mean, I love South Beach. I’m a complete sucker for it.” But in last night’s episode of Parts Unknown, Bourdain chose to focus on a different Miami. He explains,

I think the challenge was to find a new angle, find a new way to look at the place. To a great extent, Miami is an African American city…the people who built it were African Americans, Caribbean blacks, and Bahamians. So we explored that.

In the episode, Bourdain also ends up on the beach with his hero, Iggy Pop. Tony says, “Iggy makes a passionate case for Miami as refuge, which it is.” He also visits one of the country’s greatest dive bars, the nasty, beer-stank, cigarette smoke-filled Mac’s Club Deuce in South Beach.


Tony loves The Deuce (Photo: Miami New Times)

Bourdain says, “Mac just turned 100 years old; he’s still slingin’ beer behind the bar. He’s sort of a living history of Miami.” Here are Bourdain’s other go-to Miami spots.

Next up on the CNN Parts Unknown roster? Scotland. The episode airs Sunday, May 10, at 9pm ET/PT. Check out Bourdain eating haggis and fish and chips in a sneak peek below.

[via CNN]