Last week, 5-foot-7, 22-year-old New Zealand model Nela Zisser earned our respect when she downed a two-pound monster burrito in under two minutes. But it’s a new week now, and we suspect that two-pound burrito was really just training for the main event.

Over the weekend, Zisser again teamed up with New Zealand’s Mad Mex to take on a new challenge: Tackling the five-pound Burritozilla in under five minutes.

Did she do it? 4:43 was her official time, baby.

Toward the end, things got messier than they did with the two-pounder. That’s completely understandable with a burrito this size, though.

At some point, with a burrito this big, there’s no choice but to swaddle it like the bouncing bundle of deliciousness that it is. This is the exact moment where we understood why someone came up with baby swaddling cloths that look like your favorite food.

Our fascination with watching competitive eaters stuff their faces is all about perspective. Over the past year, we’ve gone from watching a tiny hamster eat tiny burritos to watching a New Zealand model eat gigantic burritos. Now if only you could get paid to sit in front of a webcam and stuff your face. Oh wait, you can.

While you’re psyching yourself up for burrito training, you can check out Mad Mex’s Big Burrito Hall of Fame 2015, which is full of burrito-crushers in luchador masks.

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