Apparently, Ja Rule has an MTV series coming out called “Follow the Rules,” which follows his trials and tribulations as he seeks to coexist with his wife, kids, and mother-in-law in one house.

We can’t say we were racing to schedule the TiVo until we saw the clip above, in which Ja video-chats with Lil Wayne (how often does this happen?!) and asks him what his favorite food was in jail. Wayne seems a little concerned when he thinks he’s being interrogated about his favorite “male,” but once he properly understands the question he launches into what appears to be masterclass on prison mashups.

“Ramen noodles: You crunch them bitches up, you get you some Doritos and you crunch [them] up in the bag, then you pour the ramen noodles in there…”

Weezy’s recipe gets cut off by Ja Rule’s excitement (“Ooohhh, the Doritos with the ramens!”), but it sounds like it might also involve some beef jerky.

If there’s more to the interaction than this brief outtake, it may finally make up for the disappointingly false rumors that Ja Rule was going to put out a cookbook of microwavable meals after he got out of jail.

If nothing else, it reminds us to go back and watch Thirstin Howl’s brilliant web series, “Jail Recipes.” Shout out to “Chef Survival Kit.”

[via Miss Info]