It’s Friday, so perhaps you’re at work. Considering it’s the summer, you might even be in your bed, sleeping, or in a car, train, or plane headed away for a long weekend. All of this is to say: You’re probably not listening to one-hit-wonder Lil Mama’s new, Worldstar Hip-Hop-debuted “Sausage” video right now. That’s ok—but you should be.

Why? Good question. “Sausage” isn’t a good song—hearing Lil Mama rap in patois rips ears like a serrated knife through cardboard—but it does somehow mash up a number of popular Internet memes and trends, the most prominent among them being the food-centric #SausageMovement. At this point, you might be asking yourself…

What is the #SausageMovement?

Another solid question. Unless you’re a youth, this particular trend might have eluded you. The non-youths over at Noisey have compiled a solid piece on its background and (admittedly brief) history. This is how they explain it:

This far-reaching trend lives mostly on the #sausagemovement hashtag, and sausage addicts across the whole of America have been spitting bars about their beloved pork cylinders, filming the evidence and posting it online at a pretty impressive rate.


This meme has all been gathering speed for over a month now, but the last few days have approached what I’m calling the “danger pork zone,” with pledges to the #sausagemovement meme going worldwide. New videos are now appearing on Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter at an hourly rate from various different young teams across America, and each one is garnering more likes, faves, thumbs ups, retweets, upvotes, and shares than anything you or I have ever said.

The #SausageMovement call-to-arms—which Mama incorporates—goes like this:

Err’body say “Sausage”
Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE!
Tell that bitch come here, lick my SAUSAGE!
Pull up in IHOP ordering SAUSAGE!
Need a pancake with your motherfuckin’ SAUSAGE!
Gimme that shit I need some SAUSAGE!
Lick my dick that shit a SAUSAGE!
My shit brown like a motherfuckin’ SAUSAGE!
Go head, get head, eat some SAUSAGE!
I like pancakes and I like SAUSAGE!
And I like pancakes and I like SAUSAGE!
Waffles good but I like SAUSAGE!
I eat eggs but give me some SAUSAGE!

The Noisey piece notes three things about the entire trend: 1) While it appears sexist, some of its most-liked videos are women-dominated; 2) Its references to sausage are both literal and metaphorical, but at all times ridiculous; 3) Its origin is in dispute, as it could’ve started with either of the below videos.

What’s Lil Mama’s impact on this entire thing?

She probably killed it, but not before using it to buoy the rest of her Internet-hat-tipping throughout the entire clip.

Not only does she dye her hair blonde, a lá popular Internet women Beyonce and Kim Kardashian (and woman-who’s-frequently-seen-on-the-Internet, Rita Ora), but she spits about “flicka da wrist”. She also uses the co-opted chant to launch into her food-driven second verse, which includes lines like “turkey-bacon, breakfast in the makin'” and “they can’t take all this money I’m makin’, call me Betty Crocker, though, ’cause I’m cakin’!”

It’s a shame we have to waive farewell to another interesting Internet thing; but while Mama tries to find a way to resuscitate her career through sausage, the kids of the world are probably already busy penning another ode to food—both literal and metaphorical.

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