Kris Jenner “wrote” a cookbook, which hit shelves last October. Among its 70 dishes is a recipe for Nicole Brown Simpson’s chicken nachos.

If you’ll remember, Nicole Brown Simpson is the late wife of O.J. Simpson and the woman whose grisly murder was central to the O.J. Simpson trial. Apparently, Kris remembers Nicole primarily because of her nachos (which were “fabulous”). Seeing the gold in the recipe, Eater enlisted chef Hugh Acheson to whip up Brown Simpson’s alleged fabulous nachos for their Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes series.

Acheson utilizes all the necessary ingredients: tortilla chips, sour cream, store-bought salsa, chicken, pickled jalapeños, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and “sliced” olives.

We have some thoughts:

• Who the f*ck puts mozzarella cheese into nachos? I’m a trash twenty-something boy and even I know that’s seven sorts of f*cked up.
• You can memorialize a deceased friend through his/her nachos; you cannot memorialize (i.e. “remember”) a friend through including her nacho recipe in a book that you’re trying to profit off of.
• Can a dish that’s not necessarily unappetizing be considered a struggle plate?
• It’s probably not wise to take nacho-making tips from Kris Jenner.
• Seriously—mozzarella?


[via Eater]