Have you always wanted to recreate a Subway sandwich at home, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a thorough and easy-to-follow tutorial from HowToBasic. About the recipe:

I thought it would be sexy if I was to reveal to the public the secret Subway Sandwich recipe and show everyone how they can make a Subway Sandwich at home for a fraction of the cost. The recipe is extremely simple, even my dead dolphin Rupert can make one in less than 2 minutes!

Talk about #LunchInspiration. Just follow these six steps and achieve DIY Subway sandwich glory. Eat fresh, fam.

How to Make a DIY Subway Sandwich

Makes one footlong

1. Place tuna and cheese onto the breadlg777

2. Nuke your plastic baby (I mean sandwich)


3. Add pickles and tomato


…along with country gravy and chocolate chip cookies


4. Add whole eggs and top with milk


5. Close the bread over your sandwich fillings


6. Wrap in paper, then get to feasting!


Watch the complete video tutorial above. Warning: it will probably make you hurl.