Like an oasis in a desert, tons of celebrities this week—including Monica Lewinsky and Jimmy Fallon—have been seeing or hearing references to foods that weren’t really there. Whether through #misheardlyrics or mistaking soap samples for snacks, when you’re #hangry like our girl Tyra Banks, food is everywhere. (We can all sympathize, right?)

We also learn that Reese Witherspoon really knows how to work her food emojis, just in time for the announcement that we’ll finally be getting an avocado emoji (and, for some reason, a croissant).

Right this way, Tweethearts…

Riff Raff

Riff Raff speaks the truth: Those Taco Bell breakfast hours need to be much, much longer.

Chrissy Teigan + Padma Lakshmi

Our weekly check-in with Chrissy comes via Padma’s Twitter this week, in which the duo poke fun at their alleged “big foreheads” on the Top Chef set.

Tyra Banks

We’re hungry all the time, too, Tyra. The struggle is real.

Reese Witherspoon


Reese goes heavy on the spaghetti emojis with an amazing photo of Lucille Ball inhaling a plate of noodles. #respect

Desus Nice

Happy Birthday, Biggie.

Jimmy Fallon

Let anyone among us who hasn’t accidentally heard references to food in songs before cast the first stone.

Monica Lewinksy

Again, who hasn’t mistaken soap for candy? Lewinsky is just like the rest of us! (Kind of.)

Sarah Silverman

One can only hope Silverman is carving a giant butter sculpture right this very second.