We’ve reached #PeakConvenience, pizzaboyz. Domino’s announced tweet-based ordering yesterday by sending out a series of cryptic pizza emoji tweets through the company’s Twitter.

The pizza chain knows just how to target Twitter-addicted customers who love things that are fast, convenient, and covered with cheese.


According to USA Today, the new system includes an option for customers to order by tweeting a pizza emoji @dominos.

This is not a drill, or a limited-time promotion, like Starbucks’ attempt at a tweet-to-order program. Domino’s Tweet-a-pizza launches May 20, and is here to stay. A company spokesperson explained to Mashable how, exactly, the ordering system works:

…the ordering will work by accessing a customer’s profile saved in Domino’s Easy Order system.

Once a customer has registered their Twitter handle on their Domino’s Pizza Profile, they will then be able to simply tweet #EasyOrder or just the pizza emoji to the Domino’s Twitter handle. Domino’s will then send the customer a direct message to confirm the order and the Easy Order saved in a customer’s profile will be automatically sent to their home.

The system is a product of Domino’s AnyWare suite of mobile ordering technology, which is developing software to allow customers to order food from multiple devices, such as smart televisions to smartwatches.

Patrick Doyle, CEO at Domino’s, tells USA Today, “It’s the epitome of convenience. We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.”

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