As part of the Hot Dog Sessions, we paired up some of our favorite musicians and chefs to to collaborate on limited-edition hot dogs served exclusively at PDT in the month of May. Here, drum ‘n’ bass DJ and frequent FWF contributor Dieselboy explains the background of his Bryce Shuman-assisted Demi Dog, on the menu May 11-17.

I am nothing if not determined.

A few years back, I hosted a Fourth of July dinner at my apartment in Brooklyn and invited over some friends from the food world. One of them was Jim Meehan, the guiding force behind uber-popular NYC cocktail den PDT. Besides making great drinks, PDT features special hot dogs from some of the city’s top chefs, like David Chang, Daniel Humm, and Alex Stupak.

It just so happens that I love hot dogs, and Jim loved my hot dog that July 4. From then on, I was determined to get my hot dog featured on the PDT menu. There was no reason for it to be on there, but that has never stopped me before.

dieselboy x betony

After a long, long time wearing Jim down, and then wearing down his second-in-command, Jeff Bell, with equal persistence, we finally came up with a solution: PDT would join forces with FWF and create an artist-and-chef collaboration hot dog series that would run the through the month of May. Since PDT needs to be supplied with the extra ingredients to make the special dogs, pairing up artists with chefs (and their pro-level kitchens) made sense. I was given my choice of people to work with, and I was stoked to have the chance to step inside the arena with Bryce Shuman of Betony, a great chef with a hot restaurant.

Bryce and I proceeded to hit a dive bar and get to work.

When I initially wanted a hot dog on the menu, I was pushing for my dressed-up, white trash-style Destroyer Dog. But to create a true collaboration for the series, we decided to start from scratch and go in an entirely different direction.

We agreed that a hot dog with a Moroccan flavor profile was something that we had never seen before. That idea became the basis of our DEMI DOG (one hot dog to rule them all!). We dug deep into the Moroccan and Indian pantry and came up with a hot dog featuring labne whipped with olive oil and lemon; puffed grains coated in a homemade harissa spice mix; fiery Indian lime pickle; clover sprouts; and a bun brushed in aged beef fat and sporting a za’atar lighting bolt—literally an explosion of flavor, texture, and heat in every bite.

After seeing what the other chefs are bringing to the series, we feel that we have the superior hot dog, hands down. It is absolutely delicious and truly unique.

GET THIS HOT DOG! The Demi Dog is available May 11-17 at PDT (113 St Marks Pl, 212-614-0386). Reservations are highly recommended.

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