The world recoiled earlier this month when it was announced that a black market for recently recalled (and potentially deadly) Blue Bell Ice Cream had revealed itself in the wilds of the Internet. However disgusting this may be, it’s not without precedent.

Spicy Taco Bell fan favorite Diablo Sauce is currently going for $25 for five tiny packs on eBay (which probably only amounts to one taco’s worth in the long run). Just think about how many actual tacos you could buy for that much.

taco-bell-diablo-sauce-01Photo: Brand Eating

Discontinued, highly coveted, and difficult-to-find foods have long found an online audience that’s ready to pay absurd prices for the foodstuffs they crave. Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous.


Currently, the asking price for a single bottle of this goo-filled drink hovers at right around $26 bucks on eBay. (Photo: Reddit)


Before Surge reintroduced the product briefly in 2014 (and we obviously snagged a 12-pack), it was one of the hottest ticket items on the culinary black market with prices reaching upwards of $100 for six cans.

Kanye West’s Leftovers


Earlier this year, Kanye #thirst reached epic levels when someone attempted to sell his chicken leftovers from South African chain Nando’s for upwards of $12,000. (Photo: eBay)

Waffle Crisp Cereal


Launched during the height of novelty cereal in 1996, Waffle Crisp is a difficult black market food item to track down, but can be found in (very) limited quantities today on Amazon. (Photo: Nutrition Analyser)

Wonka’s Tart ‘n Tinys


Reintroduced in the mid-1990s, Tart ‘n Tinys found a niche market within the Wonka-sphere as mouth-puckering competition for Pez. Over on eBay, several movie-themed containers of the candies are selling for around $14 a pop. (Photo: The FW)