An Instagram video, posted late last night by Isaam Sharef, shows a man striking two gay men over the head with a wooden chair. The gruesome attack took place at a Dallas BBQ location in Chelsea.

Police told Mashable they are currently investigating the attack, which friends are calling a “hate crime.”

Warning: The video is graphic.

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When we tried calling the Chelsea Dallas BBQ location, we were put on hold then eventually hung up on.

“These guys attacked us specifically because they knew we weren’t their type of people,” 32-year-old Jonathan Snipes told DNA info. Snipes “had a tooth knocked loose and cartilage snapped in his ear during the beating,” according to the news source.

The couple went to Dallas BBQ to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Snipes needed to leave the restaurant quickly and accidentally spilled a drink on his way out. DNA info quotes Snipes as saying,

A table near us audibly started making pretty gross comments about the two of us like, ‘White f—-ts, spilling drinks. I don’t let anyone talk to me like that. I went over there and asked, ‘What did you say about us?’

It quickly escalated into a physical altercation, according to Snipes—although he had no intention of taking it to that level. According to DNA info,

The man knocked Snipes to the ground and started kicking his face and spine, knocking loose one of his teeth, snapping the cartilage in his ear and bruising his head, he said. He shouted, “Take that, f—-t,” according to Snipes.

A second video was posted by Isaam Sharef on YouTube, showing people watching the attack go down.

Various Tweets have been posted criticizing Dallas BBQ for failing to comment on the incident.