Metal and cooking go together, much like the words “Metallica” and “sucks” (excuse us: “current Metallica”). If you’re still surprised by the notion that the men and women who like their music loud and dark can make delicious food, you’re missing out. Acclaimed chefs like James Beard Award-winner Jonathan Sawyer have hosted dinners dedicated to the culture; Steve Seabury put out a great cookbook called Mosh Potatoes featuring recipes from heavy-metal heavyweights like Lemmy of Motörhead; and craft breweries have a long and productive relationship with metal bands.

Leading the pack of metal-inspired foodies is Minneapolis-based John Hurkes, whose dishes for Rice And Bread Magazine are brilliant, edible odes to heavy-metal classics. Here’s his latest creation, published May 11: THE BLACK SABBATH PIZZA.

Photo: Rice And Bread, Chef John Herkes

The pie pays homage to Sabbath’s 1970 album, Black Sabbath and the Master of Reality, and includes British sausage, smoked mozzarella, squid-ink béchamel sauce, purple basil leaf, and Mapledurham Watermill crust as part of its make-up.

Not impressed? Here are a few other Hurkes creations:

Nuclear Assault Nachos

Photo: Rice And Bread, John Hurkes

Inspiration: Nuclear Assault’s Survive

Ingredients: Fire-braised pig confit, pickled onions and jalapenos, nuclear cheese reactor, and OC-17 police grade pepper-sprayed multi-continental fried chips.

Danzig Juicy Lucifuge

Photo: Rice And Bread, John Hurkes

Inspiration: Danzig’s Danzig and Lucifuge

Ingredients: New Jersey black-angus beef, blue-cheese Lucifuge, the onions of Christ, and blackest of the black BBQ sauce. Served on a house-made Twist of Pain bun.

Down-Inspired Temptation’s Chicken and Waffles

Photo: Rice And Bread, John Hurkes

Inspiration: Down’s Nola

Ingredients: Southern-fried chicken wings, tobacco onions, and whiskey waffles buried in smoked-bacon-bourbon maple syrup and herb butter

In an interview from earlier this year with Decibel, Hurkes mentions that he’s yet to serve any of these dishes for band members. However, he and Rice And Bread’s Jason Schreurs are planning a book—so if these ass-kicking meals strike your fancy, you may be able to whip them up soon.

Until then, check out Hurkes’ full archive of dishes, and if you find yourself in the Twin Cities, you can catch him at gastropub The Bulldog N.E, where he’s the chef de partie.

All dishes via Rice And Bread/John Herkes

[via Rice And Bread, h/t Foodiggity]

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