In this week’s example of shining devotion to fast food, a group of Canadians made a 2,000 mile trek from Montreal to Corbin, Kentuckythe birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chickento eat at the original KFC.

After leaving Montreal, where the restaurant is also known as “PFK” (Poulet Frit Kentucky), the merry band of six chicken-loving fathers and sons hit up Colonel Sanders’ birthplace, burial ground, and the Yum! Brands world headquarters in Louisville en route to the holy grail of KFC glory.

burthplace Photo: Jeff Noble for Times-Tribune

Upon arrival at the Harland Sanders Museum and Cafe, the Canadians presented general manager Dennis Overbey with a number of north-of-the-border gifts, including maple syrup.

When asked if he had ever met Colonel Sanders, Overbey recalled his brush with white-suited greatness:

I met him here back in 1980. He always carried a spoon with him. His pet peeve was to test the gravy first in his restaurants, to see if suited him. If it didn’t, he’d throw the spoon down on the floor. Our gravy passed muster. The Colonel was happy.

(via Kentucky  for Kentucky)

Photo: Kentucky for Kentucky

While the journey is certainly commendable, the Canadians likely could’ve recreated the same ambiance by purchasing a new candle that’s scented like the KFC double down sandwich. Created by the Kentucky-loving masterminds at Kentucky for Kentucky, other Kentucky-centric food scented-candles include basic fried chicken, mint julep, and hot brown.

KFC also just announced a $15K donation towards a memorial fund to adopt a Portland park bench in honor of food writer Josh Ozersky in the wake of his untimely death last week. Ozersky’s 2012 book, Colonel Sanders and the American Dream, tracked the rise of Sanders from country boy to global icon.

[via Times-Tribune]