Working in fast food is an increasingly difficult (and often, discouraging) occupation. Over the past five years, efforts to raise wages, unionize employees, and fight back against on-the-job injuries have been cresting, as the workers’ rights movement (thankfully) swells.

One fast food employee, though, decided to go a less-than-desirable route to vent his frustrations last week when he attempted to sabotage (and potentially murder) his boss at a Los Angeles In-N-Out.

The 23-year-old malea recent Berkley graduate—first disabled his employer’s car by pouring sugar in the gas tank, and then armed himself with two loaded handguns guns with the intention of killing his manager.

innout3Photo: Four Square

The Glendale location employee was apparently spotted by some passersby, who noticed him fiddling with the gas tank as part of the sabotage process and called police to alert them of the suspicious behavior before anyone was injured. A roommate confirmed that the man believed that his employer was “reprimanding him unfairly” and that he was disgruntled with the job.

Fast food restaurants are often hotbeds of violence, whether through armed robbery or unhappy employees seeking vengeance. In 2000, a former Wendy’s employee in Queens murdered 5 coworkers as part of a robbery attempt and is now serving life in prison. The rate of violence at “limited service” (a.k.a. fast food) restaurants versus full service restaurants “is more than twice,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Whereas sit-down restaurants had 0.8 assaults per 10,000 employees in 2009, fast-food joints had 1.8.”

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