This week, recent Hot Dog Sessions collaborator Action Bronson sits down for an interview with Jonah Hill, who proceeds to melt into a complete fan boy in the rapper’s presence.

Bronson is described in the Interview Magazine piece as a “majestically bearded, Mario Batali-bellied thrill seeker” with “a libidinous love of luxury [and] obsessive consumption of fine foods.”

(via YouTube)

(via YouTube)

So while the interview covers a good bit of ground about Bronson’s creative process and his influence on Hill as an actor, it’s not all that surprising that some of the most charming moments revolve around food. Hill remembers first discovering Bronson’s culinary prowess and music simultaneously:

[pullquote]Hill: So, three or four years ago, my buddy Dave Appleton, who is up on all hip-hop stuff before anyone knows about it, hips me to Bronson. This was before Fuck, That’s Delicious. He showed me some kind of YouTube show of you cooking with this very hip-hop dialect and extreme knowledge of the culinary arts. [Bronson laughs] I was already in, and then he started playing your music, and I was…It was all I listened to for, like, three months straight.[/pullquote]

Hill then grows curious about what Bronson had last to eat, and seems a little disappointed he didn’t make it himself:

Bronson: …I Just finished having some Israeli food. It was incredible—some whole-wheat couscous type of deal with lentils and some grilled chicken breast. I’m trying to eat a little bit cleaner nowadays

Hill: Did you make it yourself?

Bronson: Nah, I ordered it from this nice place by my house in Flushing. Israeli is a delicious flavor of the Mediterranean that I’ve been lacking in my life.

The most ingenious moment, though, comes when Hill suggests a potential location for Bronson’s next (potentially musical theatre-themed?) album to drop:

[pullquote]Bronson: With this new shit, man, it’s a fucking musical. I’m going to make a fucking Broadway play out of it, on Broadway, where Cats was, the Winter Garden Theatre; I’m taking over.

Hill: You should do your album release party at Kat’s.

Bronson: [laughs] That would be fucking ridiculous.[/pullquote]

We completely approve of a Cats-themed Action Bronson album release party at Katz’s. Let’s make this happen.


[via Interview Magazine]