This morning, David Chang launched his NYC food-delivery app, Maple. Right on the heels of the Maple launch, Uber dropped some serious food-delivery news of its own.

Uber rolled out its food delivery service, UberEats, in NYC and Chicago today, following successful tests in Barcelona and Los Angeles. Here’s the game-changing aspect of UberEats: the company will use its network of drivers to deliver your order in 10 minutes or less.

WIRED reports that ordering food from Uber will be similar to ordering a ride.

You open the app as you usually would, open the UberEATS tab, select an item from the menu, and place the order. When the driver pulls up, you come out to meet him, only instead of getting in the car, you get a banh mi sandwich.

Ok, time to get to the menu: It changes daily, and only a few options are available each day—but they are strong ones. This week, if you’re in NYC, you can order a brisket sandwich from Mighty Quinn’s ($15), kale Caesar from Sweetgreen ($8.85), or a lobster roll from Barchetta ($15).

For now, UberEats in NYC extends from 14th to 40th Street.


Barchetta lobster roll


Sweetgreen kale Caesar 

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