Before chillwave godfather Toro y Moi became popular, frontman Chaz Bundick graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in graphic design. Those skills paid off when he designed the label for a 2014 Syrah-Grenache Blend as part of Frequency Wine’s new artist series. Check it out:


Along with the bottle art, Bundick created a playlist to listen to while sipping the Santa Barbara County Rhone Blend. The Chi-Lites and Eddie Kendricks seem like they’d pair nicely with “savory notes of saline, spicy white pepper, and deep blueberry.”

Frequency winemaker Zac Wasserman explains to First We Feast how the collab came to be:

We’re really interested in the intersection of wine and music. We wanted to offer the wine as a platform to collaborate with some of our favorite artists. We’ve been Toro y Moi fans for quite a while, sometimes putting his albums on when we’re making wine. Chaz seemed like a natural fit because of the subtlety and complexity of his music, as well as his previous design work and illustrations.”

While some wine collabos seem like a ill-conceived gimmick (see: Duck Dynasty wine from Trinchero), pairing vino and music makes sense, given that the two go together incredibly well. Founder of music site Pigeons & Planes, Jacob Moore, says he’s “totally down for” the musician-wine collaboration, and that “the idea of pairing wine with music is interesting—that could definitely improve my listening experience.” He continues,

“I think Bundick should have released the wine with his own album instead of making a playlist, but I’ll have to drink and listen before I judge.

Nobody buys music anymore, but if all artists just made a bottle of wine to release with their albums, like, ‘You NEED to be drinking this while listening to the album,’ I bet a lot of people would buy the wine—maybe more people than would buy the album. Maybe wine pairings are the key to future success for the music industry.

Awesome idea, if you ask us. The Frequency team is working with one artist per vintage, so they’ll collab again with a different artist for next year’s 2015 vintage. We know a few musicians who would be into it. Wasserman says, “The project has a lot of potential to evolve and be diverse year to year. We listen to a lot of hip-hop and would love to explore that at some point.

You can cop your own bottle of the 2014 Artist Series Syrah ($38) on the Frequency website, and your Syrah will be shipped to you in the fall of 2015, when the wine is released. Cheers, fam.

[via Frequency Wines]