A man royal A-hole dressed as Cookie Monster groped a sixteen-year-old tourist in Times Square on Sunday. Ranulfo Perez allegedly pulled the girl into a hug and molested her, however charges against him were dropped today, reports CBS.

This isn’t the first Times Square Cookie Monster to get in trouble with the law; according to Gothamist, a different man was arrested for shoving a toddler in 2013. The real Cookie Monster must be pretty pissed with all these idiotic imitators ruining his rep.


Especially since Cookie Monster has been crushing the web recently with a series of food unboxing videos. Last month he opened a lunchbox, a pizza, and a mysterious package from the U.K.

Of course, the phenomenon of Sesame Street characters behaving badly isn’t limited to our favorite cookie fiend. A woman dressed as Elmo was arrested on an aggressive panhandling charge last September, reports CBS, and in 2012 a man dressed as Elmo infamously shouted anti-semitic slurs in Times Square.

These and other incidents have led to talk about licensing or other regulatory measures to manage panhandlers in Times Square. Clearly something needs to be done if minors are being sexually harassed. We just hope the authorities leave the Naked Cowboy be.

Photo: The Naked Cowboy

Photo: The Naked Cowboy

[via Gothamist]