If you’re the kind of person who loves ramen so much, you sleep on it at night and also plan to visit Hakone, Japan just to bathe in it, you need to download this Times New Ramen font. The website claims it’s “the most noodle-like serif font ever created,” and we’d have to agree.

FastCoDesign got an exclusive interview with Times New Ramen creator Ryder Ripps, where he took them on his ridiculous creative journey. Apparently, he’d been planning this tweet for years before he finally sent it out last week:

Then he had no choice but to make the font a reality. “It’s the perfect font for all your trendy client jobs and it’s sure to make people laugh when you tell them the name,” writes Ripps.

The Kendrick Lamar quote above is taken from the Times New Ramen website. When FastCoDesign asked if it was real and how he got it, Ripps said, “I don’t understand the question.”

Ripps also took the joke a step further, taking the entire interview and questions like “Obviously, Times New Ramen is a gag font, but can you see it being used in the real world? (Outside of ramen joints, that is)” very, very seriously. Read the entire short and sweet, hilarious interview right here.

times new ramen david chang

While David Chang hasn’t officially endorsed Times New Ramen, we can’t help thinking he’d love it. Who wouldn’t want all their documents to look like carefully placed noodles?

times new ramen 1

Download this delicious new font and frustrate your bosses, coworkers, and/or teachers today.

[via FastCoDesign]

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