Paul “Paulie Gee” Giannone does not mess around when it comes to pizza, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. The IT-guy-turned-pizza-obsessive founded Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint, Brooklyn five years ago, and he recently announced a nationwide expansion of his beloved Brooklyn pizzeria.

So naturally, when we picked up this week’s Time Out New York issue and it said “New York’s 25 Best Pizzas” on the cover, we immediately thought: What would Paulie say about this list?

Giannone is always on the hunt for great pies—just check out his Instagram if you don’t believe us. He also has strong opinions on pizza. Here are some of them.

“First and foremost, if I can have one slice of pizza in the whole city, I’m getting the Soho Square at Prince Street Pizza,” says Giannone. “It’s unfathomable that Time Out left Prince Street off the list.” He continues, “I don’t know what has to go—maybe they need to add a couple of numbers—but Prince Street needs to be on there somewhere, right near the top.”za

The Soho Slice at Prince Street Pizza (Photo: Paul Giannone)

Paulie Gee says a lot of his favorite pies made the Time Out list, but there are a few G.O.A.T. New York pizzerias that were omitted. What pies were left out, according to Giannone? The pan pizza at Adrienne’s Pizzabar, the regular slice at Park Luncheonette and Best Pizza, and Carmine’s Original “because it’s a real old-school slice joint.”

And then there’s the whole issue of New Park Pizza, “They said to get the Sicilian square at New Park Pizza. I’ve had the square, it’s a decent slice, but it’s unremarkable, says Giannone. Right off the top of my head, I can think of four square slices that are better than the square at New Park. The thing to get at New Park is the regular slice. It’s a bit inconsistent, but when I ask for it well done, their regular slice is my favorite in the whole city.”za The regular slice at New Park Pizza in Queens (Photo: Paul Giannone)

So, what are his four favorite square slices in NYC?

1. Brother’s in Staten Island

2. Pizza Wagon in Bay Ridge

3. Sal’s in Mameroneck

4. Louie & Ernie’s in the Bronx

(Note: Here, he is not talking about upside-down Sicilian square slices, like Prince Street and L&B, which fall into a category of their own.)


We asked Paulie his thoughts on some of the other pies that made Time Out New York‘s 25 Best Pizzas list. Hear what he had to say below.

Classic Pie at Di Fara

“Never had the classic pie. I love Di Fara’s regular slice.”

Classic at Rubirosa

“Stick with the vodka at Rubirosa. Go to Joe & Pat’s on Staten Island for a classic pie instead.”

Pie with Basil at Lucali

“I love their calzone at Lucali even more, but you have to BYOH (bring your own ham), because Mark never has it. I bring it from the corner deli on Henry and Carroll. Bring enough ham for other peoples’ calzone and he may give you a small calzone for free. Just do it and see what happens.”

Margherita at Totonno’s

“Hands down my favorite coal-oven pie in the city. There’s a flavor in that pie that I find nowhere else. They nailed it with this one.”

Clam Pie at Franny’s

“Love, love, love Franny’s. But they still owe me a hat. If they tell me they have a hat for me I’ll come back in for another clam pie.”

Hot Supreme at Margot’s

“Adam [Kuban]’s pies always look beautiful, and I love the crispy edges.”

Coal-oven Margherita at Patsy’s

“The pie I get at Patsy’s is the one with the fresh mozzarella. The one they show in the Time Out guide is the aged mozzarella.”

Bee Sting at Roberta’s

“Where’s my Roberta’s hat?”

Margherita at John’s of Bleeker

“Love it. It’s salty, it’s greasy, and it’s delicious.”

Brussels Sprout at Motorino

“Love it, but I loved it more when Matthew was first serving it with speck instead of pancetta.”

Sicilian Pie at L&B Spumoni Gardens

“Love it, but my favorite upside-down square is still the Soho Square at Prince Street. L&B and the Soho Slice are in a different category than the Sicilian squares, because they’re upside down.”

Meatball Pie at Nick’s Pizza

“I would have Adrienne’s pan pizza on the list instead. It’s the same owner, Nick.”

Sicilian at New Park Pizza

“I like the Sicilian at New Park, but the four Sicilian square slices that I love are: Brother’s in Staten Island, Pizza Wagon in Bay Ridge, Sal’s in Mameroneck, and Louie & Ernie’s in the Bronx.”

Vodka pie at Joe & Pat’s

“If I go to joe and pats, I wouldn’t even dream—even think for a second—of getting the vodka when I could get the original.”

Montanara Starita at Don Antonio

“I would like that pie a lot if they shredded the cheese instead of cubing it, when they cube the cheese on the montanara it’s not in the oven long enough for the cheese to melt enough. Forcella is the same way.”

Pizza Patate at Sullivan Street

“No potatoes on pizza. Ever.”

Sausage Pie at Lou & Ernie’s

“Love it. It’s salty, it’s greasy, it’s delicious. I have to also get the square when I go there.”

The King Salami at Speedy Romeo

“I like those guys. I haven’t had The King Salami, but I need to go try it.”

The Emily at Emily

“I need to try The Emily. And thanks for the hat.”

Funghi Pizza at Marta

“My favorite pie on Marta’s menu is the bufala margherita. That crust needs light toppings, and the mushrooms are nice and light, and its full of umami. But I just love that bufala margherita.”