Oklahoma graphic design student Parker Jones has some beautiful projects in her portfolio on Behance, but it’s ‘The Ice Cream That Understands PMS’ that has lit the Internet on fire.

Although it’s only a packaging exercise and not a real project, it’s such an instantly recognizable and universal experience (well, for most) that you have to wonder why no ice cream company has produced something like this before now.

Buzzfeed reports that Jones came up with this streamlined packaging design for a class project. She also told them that she graduates from her graphic design program in May, and added,

[pullquote]“I personally have no idea about ice cream production, but if someone does and wants to join in on my little ice cream joke, I would love to help out. Who [could] pass up an opportunity to eat ice cream—I’m sorry, I mean, produce ice cream—and design for a living?”[/pullquote]

Here’s more of Jones’ clever packaging. If you’re a maker of ice cream, you should definitely hit her up on Behance.

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[via Behance, Buzzfeed]