Want to learn something useful before you head off into a weekend filled with whiskey-drinking, gorging on burgers, and general debauchery? Check out these 5 fun “Real Life Infographics,” which use real objects—from pills to pie—to represent data.

Freeyork explains the brilliance behind Real Life Infographics:

[pullquote]As designers we like to come up with creative ways to display information that will still blow your mind, despite any technical limitations. The real world isn’t perfect, and therefore [Real Life Infographics] may not be as accurate as abstract shapes like graph bars. Even though these visualizations still strive for accuracy, you will notice that the context of these graphics will become much more important than precision. [/pullquote]

Check them out below.

Water Usage and Fast Food

ffThis infographic by Matteo Giuseppe Pani illustrates the link between water usage and fast-food production. All the figures used in the graphic were handmade using paper.

Pharmaceutical Drugs Found in Fishfishnew

How much of our medicine ends up in fish? National Geographic editor Oliver Uberti’s Fish Pharm infographic spreads awareness about the pharmaceuticals that make their way into our watersheds and end up in fish.



70% of the worlds vegetarians are Indian. Check out vegetarianism in numbers.

Preferred Colors in Kitchens

Color and Space shows us the most commonly pinned room colors on Pinterest. Turns out, people like being surrounded by white, yellow, and green while they’re in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving pie chart

pieThere’s always room for pie. This infographic—made from actual pie—displays the 9 pie types Americans are eating on Turkey Day. 20% consume apple, while only 16% eat pumpkin.