Today is the highest of holidays for stoners around the world, and those celebrating (including Rihanna) are taking bong rips then chowing down on inappropriate quantities of stoner snacks.

Since there’s always a bounty of struggle that goes along with heavy celebration and pot-smoking, we decided to chronicle the #struggleplates of National Weed Day 2015. You may be wondering: If you’re too stoned to care, does it still count as a struggle plate? Most definitely.

But before we get into it, here’s one company that’s not struggling on 4/20:

struggle taco bell

Check out these 4/20 #struggleplate submissions—from cotton candy fries to Oreos dunked in nacho cheese.

What is Sticky’s Finger Joint smoking?

Philly Convenience Stores Are Ready

Next Stop: Uncontrollable Nausea

Is That Marinara?

And back to sleep #stondlyfe #wakeandbake #Munchies #bacon #cheddar #420

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…or is it strawberry jam? We def hope it’s marinara.

The Holy Trinity of 4/20

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For the record, that’s grilled cheese, a greasy omelet, and a side of garlic chili.

When Oreos Are Nacho Friend

struggle oreo nachos
We didn’t think it was possible, but these Oreos dunked in nacho cheese are no one’s friend, unless you’ve just smoked this blunt(Photo: Reddit/SllepsCigam)

We Were With You Until The Peanut Butter

Breakfast of a King, 6 rashers bacon, 3 eggs scrambled on toast with peanut butter yum :P #scran #munchies #breaky

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Definitely calling a foul on inappropriate use of PB.

When You Can’t Decide If You Want Pizza Or Cake

Even Sabra Can’t Save You Now

struggle hummus 2
“‘Hummus’ when you have no tahini, food processor, or self-respect.” (Photo: Reddit/gluteusmaximii)

The “I Wake-n-Bake Then Shop At The Dollar Store” Breakfast

i shop at the dollar store
You said you like breakfast sandwiches, so I got you a breakfast sandwich…what? (Photo: Reddit/lovebait)

Just because it’s complimentary, doesn’t mean it isn’t struggle

complimentary breakfast
Somebody hungry. (Photo: Instagram/live_die_gethigh)

This Is Where We Threw Up In Our Mouths A Little

Apple butter + pizza rolls = take another hit.

Redefining “Baked Pasta Dish”

Happy 4/20 #munchies #420 #faded #southpark #highlife #gains #wakeandbake #eatyourgreens

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Notice the South Park in the background.

Meanwhile, These Stoners Are Winning At 4/20…

The 100%-cheese grilled cheese

What you’re looking at is a 100% cheese grilled cheese sandwich. DudeFoods cleverly used halloumi for the sandwich part of this grilled cheese, which made the structural integrity of this sandwich possible. Our hat is off to this beautiful heart attack. (Photo: Reddit/DudeFoods)

Holy shit is right

#420 #Munchies #TeLeMeToTV

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G.O.A.T. Weed Cake
Clearly, this gorgeous cake got baked before the baker did. Good call.

Bagel Dog OMG

struggle dog