One pizzeria-owning Indiana family has had quite the week.

The O’Connors, who run Memories Pizzeria in Walkerton, have not only proudly come out in support of Indiana’s original religious freedom law but also shut down their establishment because of the backlash to their stance.

Well here’s another update on the family: they’re totally going incognito, according to South Bend’s WNDU.

Co-owner Crystal O’Connor talked with TheBlaze TV Wednesday evening.

“I don’t know if we will re-open,” she said when asked about the backlash the business has received. She also said her family is considering leaving town. “We’re in hiding, basically.”

O’Connor’s statement comes on the heels of an incredibly successful GoFundMe’s account raising nearly $700,000, which was set up by conservative media outlet, The Blaze. While the O’Connor’s beliefs aren’t in doubt—and there’s reason to believe they’ve never actively discriminated against an LGBT individual—this whole episode seems off. The family might be savvy enough to capitalize on their polarizing opinion by controlling the groundswell that surrounds the energy of the people who support it—i.e. social conservatives.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s another turn in store for this viral story.

[via WNDU]