Bubba Watson is a serious Waffle House fan. He took a selfie at Waffle House after he won the Masters last year. He’s also a man of character: the pro golfer left a $148 tip during that particular Waffle House visit.

Bubba Watson’s Masters Championship dinner menu is a hot topic of discussion among sports fans. According to SB Nation (and Watson’s tweet), for the golfer’s first Championship dinner back in 2013, he served an extremely bland and uninspired meal of Caesar salad, grilled chicken, corn, potatoes, mac and cheese, and confetti cake.


“I eat plain,” he told the Augusta Chronicle. In both years that he won the Masters, Watson ate one or two chicken-and-rice burritos every night (including before attending the Champions Dinner).

Seeing that Watson tweets about Waffle House regularly, fans speculated Bubba would up the ante by serving Waffle House at this year’s championship dinner. But he’s not allowed to have Waffle House at the dinner. What? “You can’t use a name brand,” Watson told the Augusta Chronicle. That’s right, the club’s rules forbid commercialism when it comes to the dinner menu.

So what will be on the menu? Watson won’t say a word. “It’s the one chance that I can just hold everything from everybody, so I’m doing it,” he told the Augusta Chronicle.

Enjoy that grilled chicken breast and Funfetti cake, all you legends attending the Waffle House-less dinner.

[via SB Nation]

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