Remember when a bunch of hooligans staged a six-course pop-up luncheon aboard a Brooklyn-bound L Train? That was awesome.

This is the low-brow version of that: Improv Everywhere threw a pizza party for one very lucky NYC subway car. Chelsea pizzeria New York Pizza Suprema hooked up the improv group with 20 pipping-hot pies and pizza-delivery-guy uniforms.


The man behind the too-good-to-be-true pizza train party explains how it all went down:

Two men posing as MTA officials told passengers that their specific E-train car was determined to be the most courteous car in the entire system, and in recognition of their good behavior they were being rewarded with a pizza party. When the train pulled into the next station, eight pizza guys entered, delivering 20 pizzas in warming bags.

Courteous train behavior includes: No manspreading, making out, eating hard-boiled eggs—basically, avoiding all general subway antics, including defecating.


Handing out slices to encourage train riders to be courteous is a GAWD-level move. We commend these #pizzaboyz.

[via Improv Everywhere]

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