The NBA’s Pelicans are a professional basketball team located in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city which is known more for its awesome food and laissezfaire attitude than b-ball history. That team suffered a playoff loss in heartbreaking fashion last night to the Golden State Warriors, but who cares about that L: We have this glorious video from last October of the squad promoting its 2014-15 regular season with NOLA cheffing legend, John Besh.

Set inside Besh’s Borgne restaurant—which is right around the corner from the Pelicans’ home arena—the team attempts acting as chefs, but their mannerisms combine the potent mixture of apathetic and listless that produces Internet gold. For instance, check out the below GIF of Pelicans star Anthony Davis.


There are also flubbed lines, dropped rolls, and a stiff moment between the Pelicans’ starting five and the society family that appears towards the end of the clip, which seems appropriate considering how odd it all is. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Cleveland Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov’s commercial for a northeast Ohio brewpub here, because it was just as whimsical. However, we’re thinking the food-related f*ckery that involves the Pelicans will continue unabated. This was the team that produced one of the scariest mascots of all time, a character based off a Mardi Gras food staple.

Keep on cookin’, Pelicans. We dig it.