When Memories Pizza, a small, rural Indiana pizza parlor, announced its support for Indiana’s controversial RFRA bill, Yelp users from all over the country blasted the restaurant’s page.

Apparently, angry LGBT supporters also flooded Memories with threatening phone calls (we’re assuming he didn’t see that someone grabbed the Memories Pizza domain name in order to protest him). Because of the reaction, owner Kevin O’Connor is going to temporarily close the shop. TMZ grabbed the exclusive and included this bit of clarification from O’Connor on the whole story:

O’Connor wants to clear up one thing: He says he would never deny service to gay people in his restaurant. However, due to his religious beliefs, he does not believe in gay marriage … and that’s why he wouldn’t service one.

Despite O’Connor’s parsing, he might soon have to cater that gay marriage if a same-sex couple asks him. Indiana business and government leaders announced that sexual orientation and gender identity would be protected under a clarified law. However, social conservatives have rallied around Memories and started a GoFundMe account to get it open again. As of this posting, it’s received over $140,000.

If we’re being honest, we’d really like to see this story come full circle with a same-sex marriage asking O’Connor and Memories to cater it. Although, we’re assuming this guy won’t be invited:


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