There’s worrying about your competitors, and then there’s what McDonald’s is doing: The chain is allowing customers to exchange Taco Bell breakfast receipts for free Egg McMuffins. 

Let us spell it out for you: Go to Taco Bell, get an A.M. Crunchwrap, crush it in your car on the way to McDonald’s. Hand the McD’s employee your Taco Bell receipt, cop free McMuffin, and crush fast-food breakfast No. 2. We’re all about turning one brand’s struggle into your personal flourish. 

The promotion appears to be limited to McDonald’s locations in Northeast Pennsylvania for now, according to Business Insider—but the promotion could spread to other regions, seeing that the fast-food breakfast war is far from over. Janney Capital Markets analyst Mark Kalinowski says the promotion “is a sign that the burger chain is worried about its breakfast competition.” Nah, really?

Is this a reaction to Taco Bell’s recent ad campaign, in which Taco Bell compares McDonald’s to a communist dictatorship where everyone is forced to eat Egg McMuffins? Probably. Is it also a reaction to McDonald’s sliding sales? We think yes.

But if struggle sales and brand wars means free breakfast—and all-day breakfast—for the people, we’re okay with it.

[via Eater, Business Insider]

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