How do you get internet famous? Make a sex tape, do something stupid, or combine the two, like that kid who had sex with a Hot Pocket. Another avenue to being that guy who did that thing is developing an obscure skill, like this.


For the last few years, YouTube’s Peter Bamforth has been gamely taking on challenges like eating ghost peppers and reading Harry Potter out loud while replacing the word “wand” with “willy.”

But his most recent video, uploaded to his YouTube channel two days ago, combines a willingness to try anything for the sake of your entertainment with presumably hours upon hours of practicing an inane, useless skill. Color us impressed.

oreo5 oreo7

The internet is filled with basketball, football, and soccer trick shots. But dunking Oreos in a glass of milk from the upstairs window? Now that’s original.

oreo4 oreo6

Kids, you should totally try this at home. Your mom will be super psyched about the crumbs and milk stains.

oreo3 oreo1

Watch the full video above for slow-mo replays and a particularly impressive rimshot.

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