The 2015 Masters Tournament ushered in reign of Jordan Spieth, who at 21 years, 8 months, and 2 weeks old is the second youngest winner in Masters history (after Tiger Woods). But you can read articles like this one in the Telegraph for a full rundown of all the records that Spieth broke over the course of the tournament. The one we’re most concerned about is this: Jordan Spieth doing the impossible and celebrating his Sunday win with Chick-fil-A.

CBS Sports Golf reporter Kyle Porter lit up golf fans everywhere when he tweeted this:

Porter then received a bunch of reply tweets informing him that Chick-fil-A is famously closed on Sundays, to which he responded:

But a few of Porter’s followers were clever enough to get the joke:

One dude even demanded photos:

Meanwhile, Fansided was convinced by Porter:


Photo: Fansided

Golf fan site No Laying Up even joined in on the joke, saying the Augusta National Golf Club chairman himself was on chicken sandwich delivery duty:

Porter finally admitted that he was joking. Chick-fil-A fans (and Christians) everywhere could breathe again.

However, since Masters champions have been bringing their favorites to the table to share with their fellow pro golfers since the ’80s, only the “Sunday” part is unbelievable.

Let’s take a look at the Masters Club Dinners of the past few years.

2014 (and 2012) – Bubba Watson

2014 (and 2012) Masters champion and Waffle House lover Bubba Watson wanted to have a WH spread at the Masters Club Dinner, but was told that he couldn’t have a name brand. He still went to Waffle House after his win, and took this incredible selfie:

2013 – Adam Scott

2013 Masters winner and proud Aussie Adam Scott loves Moreton Bay Bugs, so he wanted to share them at his celebratory dinner. They’re actually a kind of flatheaded lobster, which he had flown in from Brisbane. Scott also gave the kitchen his mom’s recipe for pavlova, another Aussie favorite:

2011 – Charl Schwartzel

monkey gland

Photo: QualiFresh

2011 Masters winner and proud South African Charl Schwartzel dreamed up a menu filled with South African fare that everyone loved. Nando’s wasn’t involved, but the Augusta Chronicle reports that a South African barbecued filet mignon, lamb chops, chicken, and copious amounts of South African favorite monkey gland sauce were involved.

Two-time Masters Tournament champion Ben Crenshaw said,

[pullquote]”[Schwartzel] said don’t worry, it doesn’t have any monkey parts in it. It was good. Everything was good.”[/pullquote]

The origins of the name “monkey gland sauce” are hotly disputed, but this sweet and hot sauce made with tomatoes and chutney sounds delicious to us.

2010 – Phil Mickelson


Photo: Flickr/Jonathan Pincas

Three-time Masters Tournament winner Phil Mickelson celebrated his most recent tournament win with a Spanish-themed menu. Paella, a filet mignon topped with manchego cheese, and an ice-cream-topped apple empanada graced the 2010 Masters Champion Dinner.

2009 – Ángel Cabrera


2009 winner Ángel Cabrera brought a traditional Argentina asado spread for his fellow Masters Champions, including chorizo and morcilla (a type of blood sausage), short ribs, beef fillets, and mollejas (sweetbreads).

1989 – Sandy Lylehag

The Scot famously served haggis at his Maters Champions Dinner in 1989; he even wore a kilt to his special night. He pierced the haggis with a sword to serve his peers.

[via Fansided]