Need about 13 minutes of hilarious distraction? This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Japanese YouTube sensation Megwin has made a career out of posting comic videos, often involving Jackass-style stunts. He has 56.5k Twitter followers, because that’s how good he is at suffering for our amusement.

Vice Japan challenged him to eat an assortment of unusual foods: salamanders, Surströmming (fermented herring), and Trinidad moruga scorpion peppers.


Some of these are so pungent and/or potent that Megwin wisely dons protective gear before tackling them.


He also goes to the effort of preparing the ingredients into something vaguely resembling a meal, rather than just shoving them into his mouth which is what we do when someone dares us to eat something gross. For this, he has our enduring respect.


And for providing us with a hilarious, totally SFW video with which to procrastinate, he has our enduring appreciation.




We won’t give too much away, but trust us, this is better than whatever you were going to do for the last 13 minutes of the workday.

[via Vice]