In case you’ve been under a rock in some paradise where not everything on the Internet is a euphemism, the eggplant emoji is pretty much synonymous with dongs at this point. In January, Instagram decided to put an end to the #EggplantFriday hashtag due to its graphic nature.

Now, Instagram has banned the eggplant emoji from its search algorithm. Huh? Instagram claims that it is used to tag lewd photos—you know, those pics highlighting the outline of your junk in grey sweatpants. According to CNN,

A spokesman for Instagram said the eggplant emoji was made unsearchable because it was ‘consistently associated’ with photos or videos that violate the social network’s community standards.

Fair enough. Interestingly, you can still search for photos tagged with the banana and poop emoji. Will those be the next emoji hastags to be banned?


[via CNN]

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