After announcing her 2016 presidential bid on Sunday, Hillary Clinton felt like a burrito bowl.

Video footage from a Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio shows that Hills hit up the chain and ordered a chicken bowl with guacamole, a chicken salad, and fruit juice. Would she have ordered a carnitas burrito if #carnitasgate wasn’t going down? America can hope.

We don’t exactly know Hillary’s motives for eating at Chipotle, but we do know where your campaign contribution is going: straight into the Hillary Clinton guac fund.

Here are 7 conspiracy theories that attempt to rationalize why Hillary decided to stop for a chicken bowl with guac at Chipotle.

1. She is going to do what Obama never could: End #CarnitasGate

2. She wanted to prove that she could order from Chipotle without leaning over the sneeze guard

3. She was hungry and it was on the way

4. She wanted to make a statement about “meat finessing”

5. Ohio’s Chioptles are the best Chipotles

6. She wanted to win over America’s youth (which she did)

7. Hillary is about to start a campaign for #FreeGuacamole so people vote for her. (We really, really hope this is the truth.)

goodwillAnd let’s not forget…

[via ABC News]