You live with your dog, sleep with your dog, watch TV with your dog—and now we’re going to show you how to eat with your dog. Once you class up your canine’s act with the artisanal ingredients and designer decor you’re accustomed to, you’ll have a dinner companion on your level.

Here’s what you’ll need to turn your slobbering pooch into a paragon of foodie sophistication.

Pet high chair

Photo: Hammacher via Foodbeast

You can’t conduct a witty conversation if your pet’s not sitting at the table. Raise them to eye-contact level with this clip-on basket, just be prepared for them to give you the “are you going to eat all of that?” look the entire meal. (Photo: Hammacher via Foodbeast)

Fold-up dog bowl

Photo: Harry Barker

Let Fido dine al fresco with this collapsible travel set, available in three different colors. It’s perfect for picnics, glamping, outdoor films, the beach, garden parties, and when their regular Alessi bowl is in the dishwasher. (Photo: Harry Barker)

Dawg Grog

Photo: Facebook/ Dawg Grog

This canine craft beer is made in Oregon, so you know it’s legit. The alcohol-free drink is made from brewers wort, vegetarian k9 glucosamine, vegan trace minerals, and Oregon mountain water. (Photo: Facebook/ Dawg Grog)

Dog ice cream

Photo: Arrfscarf

Dessert is the best part of the meal, obviously, which is why Arrfscarf makes canine ice cream in addition to regular dog treats. Flavors include peanut butter bacon, chicken cheddar, beef brisket, and pulled pork. (Photo: Arrfscarf)

“Not So Fast” feeding bowl


This is the like a Hapifork for people to don’t have hands. Having to eat around the raised center for the bowl will hopefully remind your dog to slow down and savor each bite of their locally raised, farm-to-bowl dinner. (Photo: Petstop)

Bark Vineyards wine

Photo: Facebook/ Bark Vineyards

If your dog’s more of a vino drinker or is trying to cut down on carbs, pick up a bottle of alcohol-free Barkundy, Pinot Leasheo, or Sauvignon Bark for them instead. (Photo: Facebook/ Bark Vineyards)

Puppy tweets

Photo: Puppy Tweets

While you Instagram your plate, this device lets your pup live tweet their meal. A motion sensor detects your dog’s activity and then shares preprogrammed tweets like “You at lunch? Remember the two most beautiful words in the English language: DOGGIE BAG!” (Photo: Puppy Tweets)