If you’ve spent any time studying art history, you know it’s all about food—particularly bread. Still lifes of fruit and freshly baked bread are pervasive. But what if all classic works of art went gluten-free?

That’s where the brilliant French Tumblr Gluten Free Museum comes into play. Its creator, who currently remains anonymous, uses expert digital manipulation skills to remove bread, wheat, beer, cake, and spaghetti from both classic and modern art images. What makes this endeavor so impressive is the skill level involved, which is a form of art in itself. Artists from Caravaggio to Warhol to Matt Groening have pieces on display at the Gluten Free Museum.

Although the project is in its infancy (it’s only been around for two months), the entire collection is worth your time. You should definitely follow the Gluten Free Museum on Tumblr to view more works of fine art sans gluten.

Vincent Van Gogh

Noon—Rest From Work (After Millet), 1890

gluten free museum 2

Salvador Dalí

Eucharistic Still-Life, 1952
gluten free museum 7

John Gilroy

Lovely Day For A Guinness
gluten free museum 4

Johannes Vermeer

The Milkmaid, 1657-1658
gluten free museum 5

Quentin Tarantino

Pulp Fiction, 1994
gluten free museum 8

Jeff Koons

Celebration, 1994
gluten free museum 6

Walt Disney

Lady and the Tramp, 1955
gluten free museum 3

Grant Wood

American Gothic, 1930
gluten free museum 1

Andy Warhol

66 Scenes from America by Jørgen Leth, 1982
gluten free museum 14

Giacomo Ceruti

Still-Life, 1689
gluten free museum 9

Jean-François Millet

The Gleaners, 1857
gluten free museum 10

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Summer, 1572
gluten free museum 12

Matt Groening

The Simpsons, 1989-present
gluten free museum 17

Robert Doisneau

Les Pains de Picasso, 1952
gluten free museum 16

Anna Ancher

Harvesters, 1905
gluten free museum 18

[via Gluten Free Museum, Quartz]