Queens rapper Action Bronson is back in the land of sunshine and tacos, Los Angeles, to shoot a video for ‘Baby Blue’ from his latest album Mr. Wonderful. Bronsolini pays a visit to Ink chef Michael Voltaggio, and the two get heavy into some culinary freestyling.

Why Voltaggio? Action explains that one of the most memorable desserts he’s ever had was the apple, caramel, and smoked ice cream at Ink.


“You captivated me on Top Chef,” says Bronson to Voltaggio. “You think I’m jokin’? I watched just for you, I’m not bullshitting.”

The two collaborate on an octopus and cauliflower dish seasoned with shawarma spices. Voltaggio vacuum packs the octopus, then throws it into a sous vide for four hours. He takes the sous-vide octopus, gets in nice and seared and crunchy in a hot pan, then finishes it with shawarma spice—think garlic, coriander, fennel, paprika. (Fun fact: Shawarma spice is #1 on McCormick’s 2015 spice trend forecast.)

“You know me so well, this is so crazy,” says Bronsolini to the chef as he sets the finished dish in front of him. “It’s very Morroccan, Afghani. It’s like a biryani,” says Bronson. After the octopus comes lamb belly char siu with beet sauce, and it looks fucking delicious.


[via VICE]

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