We already told you about Manny Pacquiao’s strict warm-milk-and-beef-broth routine (and the fact that his dad cooked and ate the family dog). According to New York Mag, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is just as picky about his dietary choices—even when he’s breaking his diet.

Mayweather’s personal chef, Quiana Jeffries, told NY Mag about his love of Top Ramen. Jeffries explains, “Top Ramen [is] what he had growing up.” As a kid, Mayweather often had to prepare meals for himself, since his mother was battling drug problems and his father was in prison. Jeffries says, “He likes [the Top Ramen] crunchy, with a lot of noodles, and not a lot of juice.”

top ramen

Jeffries talks about some of the Champ’s other favorites, including Twizzlers and “fried hot dogs with barbecue sauce.” She says, “He loves barbecue sauce. Everything with barbecue sauce. But that’s life. You like what you know.”

Interestingly, Mayweather found Jeffries through Instagram. One of Mayweather’s assistants was trawling Insta and found some unbelievable photos of crab-salad cucumber cups and bread pudding that Jeffries had prepared for celebrity life coach Tony Gaskins. It turns out all that #foodporn can be a great resume builder.

Mayweather invited Jeffries to his Las Vegas mansion to cook him a meal. That first meal involved a kielbasa sausage, a spinach omelette with bell peppers and onions, and croissant French toast. Mayweather hired Jeffries immediately.

While Mayweather’s dietary needs are specific, they’re also incredibly spontaneous. “If Champ wants a meal at three, four, five, six in the morning, I have to be ready for that,” Jeffries told NY Mag. It’s not just Mayweather she must feed on incredibly short notice; it’s also whoever he’s entertaining.

Jeffries told Munchies, [pullquote]”I am available to this man 24/7, so [the $1,000 per plate rate that Mayweather chooses to pay Jeffries] balances because he can call me at 2 AM and want a five-course meal, and I have to produce this five-course meal for 50 people at 2 or 3 in the morning.”[/pullquote]

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Above is the first dish Jeffries cooked Mayweather after she was hired. One thing’s for sure: Champ loves his noodles. Jeffries told Munchies a little more about this spaghetti bake: “He loves spaghetti. He’ll have that on a cheat day. On the weekends, he just eats whatever he wants anyway. He might want Fatburger or fried chicken.”

When he’s not cheating, Mayweather thrives off all-organic produce, his favorite seafood gumbo, oxtail stew, and Jeffries’ famous broccoli. She sautées it in butter and garlic, then dusts it with the Cajun spices that are a regular part of her repertoire. Jeffries also juices up a special blend of fruits and veggies for him every day. It’s good to have veggies with your chicken, fried or otherwise.

[via New York Magazine]