On April 9th, 2015, a group of Swedish friends banded together to launch the world’s first space doughnut using a weather balloon.

space donut 3

If this story sounds familiar, you’re probably remembering London burger restaurant Chosen Bun’s successful launch of the first burger and fries into space back in October 2014.

space burger chips overboard

Both the burger and the donut even reached a similar height before returning to earth: The doughnut reached 32 km (104,987 feet) up, while the burger reached a slightly higher 112,000 feet up. This area is technically referred to as “near space.”

Despite the similarities between the two missions, the doughnut might have the better story to tell. When it returned to earth, it crash-landed in some water.

As you can see, the doughnut sadly did not survive the journey. Let’s have a moment of silence for those sprinkles that were lost at sea.

space donut

But the story didn’t end there. The group who launched it were like, “NBD, let’s just call the Swedish Sea Rescue Society for help.” Naturally, they captured the entire experience on video.

space donut 2

Maybe it was better this way. How could you split that one space doughnut between all those people? Or maybe there would have been an epic battle video over who got to eat the space doughnut. Now we’ll never know.

space donut 1

Perhaps what this story is really about is the seaworthiness of that doughnut. Sure, it looks a little waterlogged. But it still manages to look at lot better than this actual space cheeseburger. Whether that’s the result of superior doughnut-making skills on the part of the baker, or some sort of superpowers the donut gained during its short trip into space is a question for another time.

[via Laughing Squid]